From a British to a Chinese Colony? Hong Kong before and after the 1997 Handover

(edited volume; under review)

Considering the increasing scholarly and popular interests in British decolonization in Hong Kong and the PRC (re)colonization of the territory, this edited volume aims to clarify the concepts of colonialism and decolonization in the Hong Kong context. Well into the second decade after the 1997 handover Hong Kong, this edited volume argues, has been undergoing British decolonization and, to a certain extent, PRC (re)colonization concurrently. Applying a multidisciplinary approach to study Hong Kong, this volume includes ten essays by scholars in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan in anthropology, cultural studies, economics, history, and socio-legal studies.

This edited volume is based on the conference entitled “From a British to a Chinese Colony? Hong Kong Society in the Past and Today” that I convened at the Asian Studies Centre of St Antony’s College, University of Oxford in 2012.